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Brad Cole Australia
Brad Cole Australia


Brad Cole is an Australian contemporary country music singer/songwriter who resides in the outskirts of southern Sydney. Cole presents a glossy brand of contemporary country/pop/rock music infused with catchy hooks and melodic structure. His brand of music appeals to a broad age demographic, to both female and males audiences.


Cole​ has market tested his music in Australia releasing a number of independent singles to Australian country radio and music videos on CMT Australia. He immediately gained an incredible amount of interest from commercial country radio programmers and presenters. Cole soon partnered with Australian music industry identities Rob Potts, Kerry Roberts and David Rogerson who took Cole under their wings focusing on development, bookings, marketing and promotion.

It wasn’t long before his highly engaging music started to resonate with a broad demographic of commercial and community radio listeners. 

Based on radio logs published by the Australian performance rights association (APRA) and Official Australian Radio Charts - The Music Network (TMN), Cole was reported as being the most played Australian country music artist on Australian radio during the period of his single releases.

Cole has been nominated as a finalist at the prestigious Australian APRA  Awards for the ‘Most Played Country Music Work on Australian Radio & TV‘.  Cole was the only independent & self published singer / songwriter to be nominated for this prestigious award. He is highly regarded within the Australian music industry.  Cole & his band have featured at major Australian country music festivals and events.







Cole has performed on Australian TV, has been featured performing with the cast of ‘Dancing With The Stars’.


Cole is excited and appreciative to be given an opportunity to have his brand of contemporary country music discovered and enjoyed by Nth American country music audiences and  in other regions around the world.

Brad Cole Australia
Brad Cole - Country Music Artist
Brad Cole dancing with the stars

Dancing With The Stars - cast and crew.

Brad Cole Sydney Opera House
Brad Cole Australian Music Awards
Brad Cole - Performing
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