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Brad Cole BIO  - Presented by Katie Cook

Cole's Tour Investment - Proposal

 Having road tested his debut music in Australia with outstanding radio chart results, Cole feels that relocating and building a presence in the US is a logical & challenging step forward in striving to grow both as an artist and a writer. The reaction towards Cole & his music from Australian radio and at live performances has been nothing short of impressive particularly for an unsigned singer/songwriter in a debut situation with no previous established name. Cole was recently the only unsigned / unpublished act in any genre to be nominated as a finalist at Australia's prestigious Performing Rights Industry Awards (APRA Awards) for 'Most performed country work on Australian radio & TV".


Cole feels he has what it takes in order to work & compete in a competitive US country music market. His recordings such as 'Married', 'Hold My Beer' & others (shown above) are good examples of the direction & quality of music that he can bring to market. Cole realizes that both he and his music are unknown in the US & that in order to establish a name that he must not only present outstanding songs & entertain but be prepared to move to the US and tour extensively by building fans on the road. Cole is trying to take a proactive approach in trying to develop his career is seeking interest from parties who may be willing to chat about taking a vested interest alongside his proposed investment in touring. He wishes to contribute towards efforts in building a career abroad by: 


  • Investing in 'long term' solid band touring involving selected Nashville players.



  • Cole is taking a long term view on residing in the US in order to develop a name. Cole can cover relocation and visa requirements.


  • Cole & his self penned works are free of contractual limitations & associations. Management, Publishing and Licencing are available. 


  • He will be in Nashville for a week in September if interested in hooking up for chat. 



Contact:  Brad Cole Direct: